About Us

Our Ministry, Our Mission & Our Vision

Mission & Vision

We aim at fulfilling the following assignments as part of our core purpose as a church; Raising Prayer warriors and Intercessors, Building Godly and Responsible Marriages, Raising Godly and Morally upright children and Experiencing Gods Family Church.

Our history

We started with two families coming together and have steadily grown into embracing more families impacting many more lives.

Sharing the Love of Christ among humanity and Making Christ known

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Being a Community Church

It is a community church meaning that it has a deep family bonding enviroment where its members personally feel connection with their fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord.
We believe in building responsible men who are matured both in marriage and fatherhood and can demonstrate good leadership at home. We teach our children the values of Christ and growing to be upright and good examples

  • Amazing Worship

  • Study Of Scripture

  • Fellowship