Ministry Groups

“ The Objects of the organisation are for the benefit of the public: to advance the Christian faith. We can do this effectively by sharing the love of Christ in the heart of people”

Children's Ministry

We believe children are the foundation of the future so we devote greatly into ensuring that they continue to receive the best support in their upbringing to become responsible individuals in the future

We are constantly creating an environment where all children can thrive and feel welcome and safe as they learn more about the christian faith

We organise recreational trips to the beach which involve the children for them to have a varied experience as they grow.

Music Ministry

Music ministry is one of the most vital ministries in the local church and should be viewed as a sacred office. Discovering your call begins with a DESIRE to be used by God to impact the local church and the world around you. There are two words that will help you understand the call and vision God has for your music ministry.
Call: A divine appointment to ministry or service.
Vision: A supernatural revelation that conveys the plan and purpose of God.
Webster’s New World Dictionary defines “vision” as “a mental image, the ability to perceive something not actually visible, as through mental acuteness or keen foresight.”

Youth Ministry

Our priorities for the next three years are set within the context of our mission, to enable us to remain relevant to

  • Provide psychological and physical needs of disadvantaged young people
  • Promoting good education by developing career oriented activities, and relevant training to improve their personal skills.
  • Undertake research on issues affecting young people in order to inform service providers of the need for regular changes and improvement of services.
  • To continuously upskill trustees, staff, volunteers to keep abreast with latest trends

Christ Heart Church would develop programmes to transform and empower young people to make informed choices. We are aiming to become pathway for excellence by offering sustainable, committed, imaginative and transformational leadership to young people. We will regularly assess their needs and our ability to respond to those needs through set priorities.

  • Amazing Worship

  • Study Of Scripture

  • Fellowship